Residential Dock Systems and Solutions

Marine Floats designs, manufactures, constructs and maintains residential floating dock systems and other waterfront solutions. Residential docks and other waterfront projects benefit from the same professional methods and expertise Marine Floats brings to its work for local and international yacht clubs and resorts.

On behalf of our clients, Marine Floats brings together design, consulting, permitting, installation and maintenance services under one roof leading to higher quality, on-budget and on-time project completion.

Our breadth of experience allows us to address the unique challenges of your project – from currents to rough water, water and soil conditions, structural and environmental issues and other challenges.

Proposals Tailored to Your Requirements

Your dock or marine project should be as unique as you are. Careful listening and detailed planning are the first steps of your residential project. Every aspect of our proposals is tailored to your unique situation and requirements.

Navigating the Permit Process

With design, consulting and permitting specialists in-house, our permit applications benefit from both technical and regulatory expertise. This combined with strong working relationships with city, state, county and federal regulatory agencies and offices creates a peerless permit resource.

Setting the Standard for Float Excellence

For more than two decades we have used proven materials and methods to create products that withstand the harshest marine forces. Our floats are reinforced with steel to make them stronger and sturdier, and we use top grade wood-fiber composite decking, durable concrete surfaces, and pressure-treated timber selected for their resilience and beauty. Marine Floats' 10-year warranty leads the industry in guaranteed quality.

Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Marine Floats exists to create opportunities for people to enjoy the natural beauty of our Northwest coasts, bays, rivers and lakes. We are committed to building projects that preserve healthy marine environments.

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